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I’m so glad you want to know a little more about the person behind the lens. I have a feeling we’ll make a good match!

Choosing your wedding photographer isn’t just another box to tick off on your wedding planning checklist.
Oh no, it’s about finding that gem of a person who totally vibes with your vision,
makes you feel as comfy as your favourite pair of jeans,
and whom you can trust with your heart (and precious memories) on your big day!

Hello There!

In case you missed it, I’m Kimberley and…

…White Chocolate Mochas are my life force ☕️

…I’m a DIY enthusiast, always up for a creative challenge 🛠️

…I thrive on conversations and adore meeting new people 💬

…Mum of 2 mini-me’s + Stepmum = heart full of joy ❤️

…Obsessed with One Tree Hill – it never gets old 📺

…I’m a firm believer in body acceptance, embracing all bodies 🎉

Everyone deserves stunning wedding images
no matter their size, age and stage

it’s just that simple

How do i Work?

How do i Work?

With You! I'm here to "plus-size" your wedding experience

As you navigate the exciting journey of wedding planning and, especially, on your big day – you’re in the driver’s seat! We’re just along for the ride.

Our strategy is simple: clear directions, laid-back vibes, and a fun & chilled experience. You’ll feel so at ease, that you might even forget we’re there. And the result? Your images go from ‘pretty cool’ to ‘absolutely stunning’. It’s all about having a good time and making great memories!

An Eye for Details

Don’t worry about loose tags, slouched postures, unadjusted clothes, or untucked collars – We’re on it with an eagle eye for these things, ensuring they won’t spoil the shot.

But wait, there’s more! It’s not just about the images, We are here to ensure your day sails smoothly too. Believe it or not, We’ve even laced up a fair share of wedding dresses! The goal? To illuminate your day while capturing lasting memories.

All Love Stories Welcome

No matter your age, size, or stage, We aim to celebrate your unique journey through your images. We adore working with couples who are unapologetically themselves – because it makes the day more fun and your images more personal.

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